Welcome to Motirõ, the first and largest global bitcoin crowdfunding community for nonprofits. Since 2015, Motirõ has raised 1.478 bitcoins (USD 1,728,245) from 4,872 donors who have supported 12,603 projects.

Now that you’re here, you’re part of a powerful community that supports local organizations that are working to educate children, feed the hungry, preserve our environment, build houses, train women (and men) with job skills, and do hundreds of other amazing things.

We make it possible for nonprofits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of countries in between) to access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place.

Motirõ noticed that bitcoins have an incredible potential in the online environment, knowing that this will have a positive impact on crowdfunding. You see, the bitcoin travels much faster and efficient than money online, so with its help, funds will reach the people in need almost in an instant.

Just like you, and anybody else, there are many people out there that have daring dreams, dreams that can change the world into a better place. But, unfortunately, they lack the funds for making these dreams a reality. This is where Motirõ and you step in, joining forces and helping people reach their goals. One day, this favor will return to you, in one way or another.

WHY GIVING through Motirõ?
At Motirõ, we do more than just raise funds for the ones that need them. We also have a system that checks where the funds go and how they are used. We are tracking down the activity, so we can later on compose reports, letting you, the donor, know how things are evolving. As mentioned before, we want to see things change, this is why we do everything it takes for the funds to reach the right persons and to check on how things are moving for them after they receive the sponsorship. So if you give through Motirõ, you can be sure that the funds to give away will be used accordingly. Also, we make sure that the laws and regulations of each country that receives the donations will be respected, concerning tax deductibility and grant making.